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Questions About Mental Health That I Talk To Myself About

Mental health. Something I have personally dealt with all my life. I have went through so much within my 22 years of life, but with a great support system, I have been able to manage and pull through. Just about everyone I have met has had a conversation with me about mental health or is simply just a topic of conversation. Mental health is important to me because trauma based situations are often categorized as something that visibly & drastically happens which is not always true. Things such as heart breaks, losses of loved ones, or adjusting to new environments causes changes in mental health. We may be sad, mournful, and depressed for a few days, but everyone takes these emotions differently. One may take their life, one may deal with substance abuse, one may partake in reckless behaviors and so on and so forth. Sometimes I wonder if therapy works when someone is so deep into depression. What can be done to help someone who is in too deep when it comes to depression? How do y…

My Top 10 90s Rap Songs

Hi there, Lyn here. I was just sitting and thinking to myself..."What are my top 10 90s raps that I am completely infatuated with?" I am such a huge fan of old school music that I can literally go on and on about it..seriously. As a young'n, music has always had a place in my heart, old and/or new. Sometimes it feels like I cannot function without it (Corny, I know). Anyway, lets get on with the list shall we?
1.) N*ggaz 4 Life by N.W.A (1991) Considered to be "The World's Most Dangerous Group", N.W.A was one of the most controversial rap groups in history. I love the group, despite the misogynist lyrics and other negative connotations it has (which to none that I agree with, let's get that straight). This is one of my favorite N.W.A songs simply because of the message within the song. It starts off by people asking why they say the N word and why they don't like it. Then comes MC Ren to kill the first verse of the song along with Dr. Dre and Eazy …