My Top 10 90s Rap Songs

Hi there, Lyn here. I was just sitting and thinking to myself..."What are my top 10 90s raps that I am completely infatuated with?" I am such a huge fan of old school music that I can literally go on and on about it..seriously. As a young'n, music has always had a place in my heart, old and/or new. Sometimes it feels like I cannot function without it (Corny, I know). Anyway, lets get on with the list shall we?

1.) N*ggaz 4 Life by N.W.A (1991)
Considered to be "The World's Most Dangerous Group", N.W.A was one of the most controversial rap groups in history. I love the group, despite the misogynist lyrics and other negative connotations it has (which to none that I agree with, let's get that straight). This is one of my favorite N.W.A songs simply because of the message within the song. It starts off by people asking why they say the N word and why they don't like it. Then comes MC Ren to kill the first verse of the song along with Dr. Dre and Eazy E. This song explains why they use the word and how it applies to everyday life of an African American. This song may seem degrading to some, but powerful to others.

2.) Foe Tha Luv of $$$ by Bone Thugz N' Harmony (1995)
Founded by Eazy E of Ruthless Records , this group tends to seize and defeat every beat given to them. Songs such as Thuggish Ruggish Bone, First of The Month, and Crossroads are just some of the popular songs that people, including myself, enjoy today. This song is one of my favorites by BTNH because the instrumental is absolutely killer (and was produced by DJ Yella) to start it off. My favorite verses were from Flesh n' Bone, Krayzie Bone and E. Overall, its a good song because of the various cadences coming from each rapper.

3.) You Know How We Do It by Ice Cube (1994)
A chill, funky, laid back song. This song is literally just one of those old school songs that I really like to just listen to when I am riding around in my car. This song gives you that West side feel as if you have already arrived in South Central, LA. Definitely one of my favorite rappers as well.

4.) Who Am I? (What's My Name) by Snoop Dogg (1993)
This song is about as G-Funk as it gets. I am not necessarily an avid Snoop fan, but this song is one of his best in my opinion. This song automatically makes you bob your head and enjoy the funkadelic beat. Makes me want to drive an old school caddy and bump it or throw a 90s party and get down with family and the homies.

5.) So Many Tears by Tupac (1995)
One of the most touching songs by Tupac. This song is chill and it makes me think about how life is and how we lose our loved ones.This song alone makes me appreciate my loved ones, even the nutty individuals.This song is constantly on my repeat list.

6.) I Got 5 On It by Luniz (1995)
"5 on what?" Is what the younger me would have asked out loud. This song is just a classic in it own. Simply talks about.. you guessed.. smoking dat gas and rollin' up a J. This is one of those songs where you  just had a rough ass day and damn near broke and just want to smoke until you hear ya boy say "I got 5 on it". This is another g-funk song that's got a fire instrumental and it's just a song you can chill to.

7.) Real Compton City G's by Eazy-E, B.G Knocc Out and Dresta (1993)
First, let me say that I prefer the explicit version of this song. Anyway, this song right here is one of the best diss tracks I have ever heard. This song came out after Dr. Dre decided to go to Death Row and leave Ruthless. Dre had released a song called F*ck With Dre Day where he and his then protege, Snoop Dogg, diss E. Eazy-E comes out the wood work with this classic song. In this song, he completely rips Dr.Dre and Snoop a new asshole with this one calling Dre a "she thang" because of his World Class Wreckin' Cru days and the outfits he wore, calling him out on being a "studio gangsta" and his domestic violence issues. He also called Snoop an "anorexic rapper" and overall said "Muthaphukk Dre, Muthaphukk Snoop, Muthaphukk Death Row". Eazy’s proteges, Dresta and BG Knocc Out, also chime in on the diss with immaculate flows and lyrics in each of their verses.

8.) O.P.P By Naughty by Nature (1991)
This song is funky as well. If you want to know what O.P.P means, just listen to the first verse of the song. Go on I'll wait... Treach tells you a story in each version and tells you exactly what it means.This is another one of those song you just want to dance to and it makes your head bob unconsciously because of the beat.

9.) People Everyday by Arrested Development (1992)
This song tells a story about how a man and a woman are out on a date and some guys start to harass her and the man gets pissed. The flow of the song is very catchy and enjoyable and the hook itself will have you singing it and eventually getting stuck in your head for a few days.

10.) Regulate by Warren G and Nate Dogg (1994)
R.I.P to Nate Dogg. This song is one of the most G-funkadelic songs in my book. I like this song because of the story told. When I first heard this song, I put myself in the shoes of Warren G's story being told. I still loves to sing Nate's verses while another person sings Warren G's. REGULATORS, MOUNT UP!

Hope you all enjoyed the list! I will be back with either a rant or a new list!


  1. Nice list, numbers 2 and 6 are a couple of my favs!

  2. Thanks for taking me back the memory lane. I love your selections


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