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Maintaining My Goals While Still Being Safe

As you all have heard, we have a pandemic going on. COVID-19 or the Corona virus, has been spreading like wild fire. If you don't know what the Corona virus is, you apparently have been living under a rock. The Corona virus is an illness similar to the Flu that affects the respiratory system. This illness has symptoms such as trouble breathing, fever, and cough. Some states have shut down many businesses that are considered non-essentials in order to keep the horrible virus from spreading. Clothing stores, gyms, and electronic stores have been shut down during this crisis. For more information on the illness and how to prevent it, please visit
So you're probably wondering why I am talking about the virus and what the heck the title means. Well if you read the last post I made, I stated that I have been working on losing weight by eating right and going to the gym. Unfortunately, the gyms have shut down due to the inc…

Snapshot of My Weight Loss Experience: The Gym and Calorie Deficits

Before I begin my post, I would like to say that I am not a doctor nor health professional of any sort. Before starting any kind of diet and exercise plans, please talk to your physician about these changes to see if they are right for you. Also, this post/page does not promote eating disorders of any kind. If you or someone you know has an eating disorder, please call The National Eating Disorder Association Hotline at 1-800-931-2237. Please talk to your doctor before making any physical changes with yourselves. We want to be cautious of all changes we make with ourselves. This is my experience only!

While I was pregnant a few months ago, I gained plenty of weight. I was prepared for it and dreaded it. On December 31st 2019, I told myself, my New Year Resolution is to lose weight! So I signed up for a gym in mid January, and I now go twice a week. Going to the gym, I feel absolutely amazing yet tired. When I exercise, the thought of homework and bills leave my mind and I feel stress…

My Top 3 Most Attractive Women & Men Celebrities of The 90s

This list consists of rappers, singers, entertainers or actors that I have seen in a movie from the 90s or was simply an icon in the 90s.. They may have been out before 1990, but simply stuck out to me in the 90s era. This list may be all over the place because of what they do as celebrities, but these are people who have caught my eye and are completely attractive. Lets start off with the ladies shall we?
1. Lynn Whitfield From "A Thin Line Between Love and Hate" To "Madea's Family Reunion" to "Greenleaf" , Lynn was always able to play the characters in the movies and shows. When she plays her part, her eyes always tell a story. She has much appeal and just looks extremely gorgeous and carries herself so elegantly. Her demeanor during interviews are so charismatic and genuine with plenty of character. A sexy, classy and beautiful woman with much sex appeal.

2. Janet Jackson This woman will stand out any time and any place. Janet is absolutely stunning…

Desensitization From Social Media

Is it me or does every time I hop on Instagram or any social media and read the comments on sensitive topics such as deaths and injustices, there is always the most disturbing, nasty and disrespectful comments lurking in the comment sections? Now, I am not talking about one or two comments. I have seen "troll accounts" and people on their regular accounts mocking the situation or just simply justifying the situation. What's funny is that I can't tell if people are trolling in order to get reactions or just simply think what they said really makes sense. An example of this would be the passing of Kobe Bryant who died January 26, 2020 due to a helicopter crash. I would see horrid and disrespectful comments about his allegations and that he "deserve what he got". There were blurred line when these things were said because you didn't know if they were trolling or if people actually meant what they said. Though positive comments flooded the internet after h…

I'm Just Trying To Build My Character Here, Dude.

When I first started college in the Fall of 2015, it took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do. I was going back and forth between being a psychologist or therapist. In 2016, I finally figured out that I wanted to be a social worker. I graduated from a two year college in 2018 and went to a university. As of now, I am finishing 1 of 3 more semesters that I have left until I become a social worker. I am also a patient care assistant. I can say that this job is helping me build my character every time I clock in. It also tests my patience. When I deal with my patients, I treat them all like family. I encourage them and I am patient with them even when they just aren't in the mood. I have become attached to some of the people that I care for. It also sucks when they are discharged and I haven't gotten to say my goodbyes.

 I find it funny that nurses have suggested me to become a nurse along with family. Though they make great money, its just not what I want to do. I real…

My Favorite Late 80s, Early 90s Jams

As you all know from the beginning, I am a huge music fan and I just thought I should let ya'll know 5 of my favorite 80s-90s songs that I love. Obviously there's more than that, but I am just going to give you guys 5 of them. Let's get started shall we?
1.) Spread My Wings by Troop (1989) From Pasadena, California, Troop came out swinging, hit after hit, killing it in the late 80s. This song in particular is just...literally everything. I heard it on my way home from work a few years ago and fell in love with it. The lyrics in itself makes you want to sing along whether you can sing or not because it has that effect on you.  It gives off that soft new jack swing vibe. It's such a soothing and sweet song and if you're an 80s baby, it will take you straight back in time. Every time it comes on, I turn it up and sing my heart out because this song is just...literally everything!
2.) When Will I See You Smile Again by Bell Bi…

Feeling Energies

Where do I start? I didn’t realize I could feel energies until I was about 18. I didn’t realize that I was feeling energies until I would feel very uncomfortable around certain people. You can actually feel the negativity in others and it has such a indescribable feeling. I am not psychic, but sometimes things happen way to coincidentally for me to not think that something such as energies are not being felt, such as seeing someone’s true self or their true intentions. I feel like my anxiety enhances these feelings. Being able to experience this has kept me from being hurt from people by friendships or other types of relationships. I protect myself by remaining cordial and respectful, but being able to feel these energies have made it difficult for me to open up. To me, I feel like there’s a benefit and a disadvantage to having the ability to feel energies. Feeling these energies can make you feel vulnerable because your emotions can be involved. Not just happiness but also suspicion…

Advice for Introverts with Anxiety

A few days ago, I talked about being a misunderstood introvert. Today, I just want to give some advice to those who are introverts that have anxiety. Now I am no doctor, but these are some of the things I do when I am dealing with anxiety. I don't take any medicines because I have my beliefs, so I try to cope in a way that can build a positive and healthy character where at the end of the day, I will feel great about myself.
1.Stand up for yourself! We tend to like to be by ourselves and mind our business, but there are some people who tend to take advantage of that. It's okay to say no. When dealing with anxiety, you may feel like you have yes , but you do not have to, it is your life. It may seem easy to say yes, but saying no feels much better when you mean it because it shows how much control you have of yourself and your life. Don't let anyone make you feel uncomfortable about you saying no and don't let anyone try to change your mind about what you said.
2.Step ou…

An Introvert Misunderstood

I began to realize at age 12 that I just wanted to be alone. I enjoy having people in my presence, but after awhile, people drain me. I use to believe that I had some sort of issue, but this is completely normal. I know how to function in society, which is good because there are introverts who are completely shut off from society, and they are what we call anti-social. Though I am introvert, I am able to stand up for myself. It is known that most of us are actually nice people, but there are some of us who may not have any backbone. That use to be me. My husband is someone I thank regularly for teaching me to stand up for myself for years. He would tell me constantly to tell him how I felt instead of trying to avoid conflict. I love him for that. Being an introvert keeps me out of a lot of unnecessary drama because with someone who has anxiety, that can be a bit much. One thing that I have noticed being an introvert, is that I don't really talk to people and initiate conversation…