Advice for Introverts with Anxiety

A few days ago, I talked about being a misunderstood introvert. Today, I just want to give some advice to those who are introverts that have anxiety. Now I am no doctor, but these are some of the things I do when I am dealing with anxiety. I don't take any medicines because I have my beliefs, so I try to cope in a way that can build a positive and healthy character where at the end of the day, I will feel great about myself.

1.Stand up for yourself!
We tend to like to be by ourselves and mind our business, but there are some people who tend to take advantage of that. It's okay to say no. When dealing with anxiety, you may feel like you have yes , but you do not have to, it is your life. It may seem easy to say yes, but saying no feels much better when you mean it because it shows how much control you have of yourself and your life. Don't let anyone make you feel uncomfortable about you saying no and don't let anyone try to change your mind about what you said.

2.Step out of your comfort zone(even if its just for a little bit)
As an introvert who has anxiety, I work somewhere where I am practically forced to talk to people all day everyday. I have totally stepped out of my comfort zone because I am not used to communicating daily with people I don't know. When I am work, I worry about how much care I gave or did I give enough care. Lots of questions tend to run through my mind, but I take a break and give my mind a pep talk. I have learned to not overwork myself to prevent stress and it works. Its nice to encourage yourself to take it easy while you're out of your comfort zone. Go to a park or something that is out of the norm for you.

3.Get a hobby!
I have recently decided to go to the gym because I want to lose weight, but I have realized that going to the gym gives me some sort of empowerment. I always feel great after every trip emotionally, physically, and mentally. I also like to draw and write my blog to keep my mind away from the real world. Doing activities you enjoy release dopamine and it improves mood, so find something you enjoy doing.

4.Talk to yourself
Everyday, I tell myself that I am a beautiful and strong human being. I tell myself positive things everyday because the more you tell yourself positive things, you believe it and become it. I try not to be to hard on myself because I use to try and seek validation from others but after a while I have learned that people see different versions of you and that is not your responsibility to live up to the expectations of others, regardless of who they are. So talk to yourself , write down the positives about yourself and tell yourself that is what you are.

5. Take care of yourself!
Sometimes with anxiety, comes with depression. This is something I've dealt with awhile back, but it wasn't severe. We tend to feel down in the dumps from days to weeks. It may be difficult to try and do some tasks, but try to start small. Start by gradually cleaning to showering, to taking a walk. Go to the mall and buy something nice. Hang out with a friend. Talk to someone who is close to you. Create a plan for your life for the next year or so. When dealing with depression you must try and keep your mind off it as much as possible.

6. If all else fails...
Get professional help. A therapist can help you with internal conflicts and get you the help you deserve. If you feel like life is becoming too overwhelming and hopeless, call the suicide prevention hot line 1-800-273-8255. There are times when you feel like life is just too much and no one understands. Sometimes professional help is better and can be very effective.


  1. As an introvert I have to say that stepping out of my comfort zone is how I live my life.


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