An Introvert Misunderstood

I began to realize at age 12 that I just wanted to be alone. I enjoy having people in my presence, but after awhile, people drain me. I use to believe that I had some sort of issue, but this is completely normal. I know how to function in society, which is good because there are introverts who are completely shut off from society, and they are what we call anti-social. Though I am introvert, I am able to stand up for myself. It is known that most of us are actually nice people, but there are some of us who may not have any backbone. That use to be me. My husband is someone I thank regularly for teaching me to stand up for myself for years. He would tell me constantly to tell him how I felt instead of trying to avoid conflict. I love him for that. Being an introvert keeps me out of a lot of unnecessary drama because with someone who has anxiety, that can be a bit much. One thing that I have noticed being an introvert, is that I don't really talk to people and initiate conversation simply because I do not like small talk. As an introvert, I love to talk about things that matter or what I have an interest in. When people approach me with small talk, my brain is automatically uninterested and I begin to appear stand-offish. I've also noticed that I can be a bit socially awkward as well. This also causes me to be a bit stand offish. When I am standoffish towards others, I believe that some people think that I am "too good" or just uppity, so I get dirty looks often. This is not true. I am very observant, quiet  and I am able to read and feel energy (but that's for a different post *wink wink*). I am more than what people think I am. I am highly misunderstood and that is okay. I don't owe anyone an explanation as to why I am the way I am because this is me. If you're an introvert reading this, just know its okay to feel how you feel. Most of us know how to fish out those who are fishy themselves.


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