Feeling Energies

Where do I start? I didn’t realize I could feel energies until I was about 18. I didn’t realize that I was feeling energies until I would feel very uncomfortable around certain people. You can actually feel the negativity in others and it has such a indescribable feeling. I am not psychic, but sometimes things happen way to coincidentally for me to not think that something such as energies are not being felt, such as seeing someone’s true self or their true intentions. I feel like my anxiety enhances these feelings. Being able to experience this has kept me from being hurt from people by friendships or other types of relationships. I protect myself by remaining cordial and respectful, but being able to feel these energies have made it difficult for me to open up. To me, I feel like there’s a benefit and a disadvantage to having the ability to feel energies. Feeling these energies can make you feel vulnerable because your emotions can be involved. Not just happiness but also suspicion, dislikes, & sadness. Not all energies are bad either. The good energies that I can sense have such great intentions and are usually the ones that instill wisdom to me. Luckily, I am in the process of learning how to control them rather than act on them. I am blessed to be able to have this ability to protect myself. But maybe I just have a strong intuition. What are your thoughts on feeling energy?


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