Desensitization From Social Media

Is it me or does every time I hop on Instagram or any social media and read the comments on sensitive topics such as deaths and injustices, there is always the most disturbing, nasty and disrespectful comments lurking in the comment sections? Now, I am not talking about one or two comments. I have seen "troll accounts" and people on their regular accounts mocking the situation or just simply justifying the situation. What's funny is that I can't tell if people are trolling in order to get reactions or just simply think what they said really makes sense. An example of this would be the passing of Kobe Bryant who died January 26, 2020 due to a helicopter crash. I would see horrid and disrespectful comments about his allegations and that he "deserve what he got". There were blurred line when these things were said because you didn't know if they were trolling or if people actually meant what they said. Though positive comments flooded the internet after his death, there were also a plethora of negative and disrespectful comments as well.

 I believe social media plays a huge part into the desensitization because the internet shows things that we don't normally see every day but see constantly on the internet. Things such as deaths, murders and suicides are constantly shown on the internet and people are getting more and more desensitized to it. The point I am making is desensitization from social media is making people less empathetic. This is not to distract from the fact that there are people who think this way without social media and watch extremely violent movies,
but it is a huge contribution. I also believe that the behavior from celebrities on social media is an even bigger contributor. Young people look up to some of these celebs not knowing that they have a life of their own. That life is publicized and its imitated. Oh shoot, I see that I am starting to veer off into a different conversation. I guess we can save that for a different post.Anyway, there is one site out there that shows the most gruesome and petrifying video and images and will scar the most innocent of minds. Out of curiosity, I went on the site myself and was very disturbed. The images and videos scarred me enough to never visit the site again. I have seen videos where people live streamed their deaths, but could never finish the video itself. Those who are possibly desensitized could watch it without batting an eye. What are your thoughts on desensitization and social media?


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