I'm Just Trying To Build My Character Here, Dude.

When I first started college in the Fall of 2015, it took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do. I was going back and forth between being a psychologist or therapist. In 2016, I finally figured out that I wanted to be a social worker. I graduated from a two year college in 2018 and went to a university. As of now, I am finishing 1 of 3 more semesters that I have left until I become a social worker. I am also a patient care assistant. I can say that this job is helping me build my character every time I clock in. It also tests my patience. When I deal with my patients, I treat them all like family. I encourage them and I am patient with them even when they just aren't in the mood. I have become attached to some of the people that I care for. It also sucks when they are discharged and I haven't gotten to say my goodbyes.

 I find it funny that nurses have suggested me to become a nurse along with family. Though they make great money, its just not what I want to do. I realized this job will help me with the field I am going into. While working this job,I had some self realization about myself that I knew, but became more aware of. I realized how forbearing I am with my patients. I may have a patient who  requires more assistance than others. I notice that I take my time with them and encourage them not to rush and to take their time when doing tasks. They appreciate my patience even when they are frustrated with themselves. My patience has caused some patients to be discharged at earlier times. Another attribute that I have noticed about myself is that I am very empathetic when  I relate to someone, and sympathetic when I am not able to fully relate. When a patients talks to me about their personal situations I am able to relate or I may try to understand.When I can't relate to my patients, I try to let them know that even though they are in their situation, it will not be forever and that we have bumps in the roads. This usually makes them feel better, especially when an example of what I said is provided.

One last attribute that I have noticed is that I am able to deescalate certain situations and calm my patients down when they are frustrated. I tolerate their emotions by letting myself know not to take their anger and frustrations personal. I listed these traits because these all go back into what I am going to school for. To be a social worker, you must have great patience, tolerance, and you must know yourself. You will work with people who you are not familiar with and cultures you are not used. I guess what I am trying to get at is before you go into a field of your choice, make sure to start off in a job that continues to help build your character and build your resiliency.


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