My Favorite Late 80s, Early 90s Jams

As you all know from the beginning, I am a huge music fan and I just thought I should let ya'll know 5 of my favorite 80s-90s songs that I love. Obviously there's more than that, but I am just going to give you guys 5 of them. Let's get started shall we?

1.) Spread My Wings by Troop (1989)
From Pasadena, California, Troop came out swinging, hit after hit, killing it in the late 80s. This song in particular is just...literally everything. I heard it on my way home from work a few years ago and fell in love with it. The lyrics in itself makes you want to sing along whether you can sing or not because it has that effect on you.  It gives off that soft new jack swing vibe. It's such a soothing and sweet song and if you're an 80s baby, it will take you straight back in time. Every time it comes on, I turn it up and sing my heart out because this song is just...literally everything! 

2.) When Will I See You Smile Again by Bell Biv Devoe(1990)
Bell Biv Devoe came from the late 70s group New Edition. In the late 80s, Ricky Bell, Michael Bivins and Ronnie Devoe had formed their own group and also had hit after hit. As sensual as this song sounds, its about a guy who did his lady wrong so he is trying to apologize to her. Every time I hear this song, I sing it as if I was a mid 30s male who's married with kids who cheated and is now singing to his wife. Funny and odd description.. I know. It's a lovely song nevertheless and it's another song I sing my heart out to. Its just that damn goo-TELL ME WHEN WILL IIII SEE YOU SMILEEE AGAINNN..sorry.

3.) Groove Me by Guy (1988)
I literally just said the lyrics "GROOVE MEE, TOONIIIGHT" I couldn't even help it, but anyway, I love the group Guy, and I really love Teddy Riley. Such a talented artist along with the group Guy, their songs never seize to amaze me. Groove me is one of my favorite songs by Guy. When I first heard this song, I thought he was saying "do me" but either way it was going to be sung loudly. When I hear this song it makes me want to do the hip swivel they used to do back in the day.( God I am so weird). The video in itself makes me want to dance along because they look like they are having so much fun.

4.) Don't Wake Me (I'm Dreaming) by Christopher Williams (1991)
When I first heard this song, I thought it was Johnny Gill *face palm*. Christopher Williams is the cousin of  Al B.Sure. that should tell you that talent in their family is just natural. This song was also on the movie New Jack City which is where he also starred in. When my baby was finally born and was able to come home, I would sing this to him all the time and sometimes he would smile. This man is overall talented with a great and strong deep Johnny Gill (*face palms again*.)

5.) Rub You The Right Way by Johnny Gill (1990)
Johnny, Johnny, Johnny.. we love you. The deep, strong and sexy voice that women back in the 90s fell in love with. This song is exactly what you think it's about. This song will make you get up and groove with the funkiness. Johnny killed this song and if you don't like him, obviously you have never been rubbed the right way with his talent.

That concludes only 5 of my favorite late 80s and early 90s songs.What are some of your favorites? Do you like or dislike any of the songs I put on this list? Comment down below.


  1. I love these songs!! I grew up on rap and hip hop and Bell Biv Devoe is awesome. When Will I See You Smile Again came out when I was in 6th grade!

  2. All great choices. Only one orrection -- New Edition was the 80s LOL You are making me older than I am -- this was my high school years! haha Anyway, you picked some of my favorite songs. I would have added "I Like" by Guy from that same album.


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