My Top 3 Most Attractive Women & Men Celebrities of The 90s

This list consists of rappers, singers, entertainers or actors that I have seen in a movie from the 90s or was simply an icon in the 90s.. They may have been out before 1990, but simply stuck out to me in the 90s era. This list may be all over the place because of what they do as celebrities, but these are people who have caught my eye and are completely attractive. Lets start off with the ladies shall we?

1. Lynn Whitfield
From "A Thin Line Between Love and Hate" To "Madea's Family Reunion" to "Greenleaf" , Lynn was always able to play the characters in the movies and shows. When she plays her part, her eyes always tell a story. She has much appeal and just looks extremely gorgeous and carries herself so elegantly. Her demeanor during interviews are so charismatic and genuine with plenty of character. A sexy, classy and beautiful woman with much sex appeal.

2. Janet Jackson
This woman will stand out any time and any place. Janet is absolutely stunning and talented with a successful career. From starring in 70s tv shows to singing, to acting in movies,Janet is the whole package. Though very shy when it comes to interviews, her sexy side shows when she performs and dances on stage. With such a talented family, she was bound to be successful. Some of my favorite songs by this lovely lady are "That's The Way Love Goes", "Any Time, Any Place" and "You Want this". Such fierceness and sexiness in one.

3. Aaliyah Haughton
A soul that was one in a million. Another beautiful, young and talented, soul. This was another woman who could, sing, dance and act. Everything about her was just amazing. The first movie I seen her in was "Queen of The Damned". I was scared of her because I was young, but I thought she was absolutely gorgeous. Her interviews previewed such a lovely and down to Earth personality. Her smiles would light up the presence around her. Rest in peace Baby Girl.

Now, on to the men ☺️

1. Ginuwine 
Just about every girl's fantasy. With a soothing voice, vibrato and a body to match, he is definitely on my roster for one of my favorite 90s male artists. Watching his performances, I always get a chuckle because even though he sings and the performances are enticing, he can be a bit extra. I remember as a kid and I first heard "Pony" and I sang it, my mom said not to because of the message of the song. Good times.

2. Larenz Tate
Another handsome heart throb of the 90s. I remember watching "Why Do Fools Fall in Love" and I saw the scenen where he holds the dog out the window and dropped it, I freaking sobbed. Besides that, Larenz is another talented, fine actor. Though he was in a few shows as maybe a background character or just on an episode, he became more and more popular throughout the 90s taking on lead and main roles on the big screen. I mean seriously, who didn't like Larenz?

3. Eazy E
My all time favorite, Eric 'Eazy E ' Wright. Eazy E is probably the most handsome man of the 90s in my book. A record company owner, a rapper and an influence all in one with good looks included. Eazy E was known to not be played with, but was a charmer with the ladies and was just overall fine as ever. I am a huge fan of his music, his creativity and more. I was not very happy with the portrayal of him in the 2015 "Straight Outta Compton" movie...buuuuut that's for another post. Many may remember him as a rapper who has passed due to his disease, but I know he was more than that due to the impact he has made as a business man, a rapper and to those who were around him.

There we have my list of the most attractive 90s celebrities. This is MY opinion, so I don't need no "tHeY aRe NoT tHaT aTtRaCtIvE" because first of all..yes the f*ck they are๐Ÿ˜‚. Any way, who are some of your favorite celebs of the 90s?


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