Maintaining My Goals While Still Being Safe

As you all have heard, we have a pandemic going on. COVID-19 or the Corona virus, has been spreading like wild fire. If you don't know what the Corona virus is, you apparently have been living under a rock. The Corona virus is an illness similar to the Flu that affects the respiratory system. This illness has symptoms such as trouble breathing, fever, and cough. Some states have shut down many businesses that are considered non-essentials in order to keep the horrible virus from spreading. Clothing stores, gyms, and electronic stores have been shut down during this crisis. For more information on the illness and how to prevent it, please visit

So you're probably wondering why I am talking about the virus and what the heck the title means. Well if you read the last post I made, I stated that I have been working on losing weight by eating right and going to the gym. Unfortunately, the gyms have shut down due to the inconvenience of this virus. Though the gym has shut down, this has not stopped me from trying to obtain my goal. I still go out to purchase healthy foods such as salads and my fruits. I have also been taking precautions such as checking my temperature from time to time and staying home as much as possible.  Like I stated in my last post calorie deficits does not mean starve yourself, but to simply limit the amount of calories you consume. I mention all this because I am still maintaining my goal. I am losing weight in a steady pace, exercising at home and stretching every so often.

Again, why am I mentioning this? We all have roadblocks that try and stop us from achieving our goals. In this case my goal was to go to the gym at least twice a week. Since I can't do that, I continue to exercise at home and to continue on with my calorie deficit. What I am trying to say, is that when things happen, don't let it discourage you from obtaining your goal. Don't make any excuses, but solutions. This does not mean make decisions that can pose a threat to others, but to do things thoughtfully, with care and consideration, especially during this time. Don't let inconveniences stop you from making progress. Learn the situation and safely overcome it. I am hoping and praying that we get through this crisis and that those who have the virus recover as soon as possible. On the bright side, there have been cases where those who have had the illness, recovered from it. 

During these times, please wash your hands, cover your mouth into your elbow, carry hand sanitizer, check your temperature, do not go to work if you are feeling ill, and if you are feeling sick, please call your physician. We must all stay safe during this emergency. Please educate yourselves and check your state's orders for updates and precautions for those who work. Here is a google link to the statistics of confirmed cases here in the United states. Take care and be safe!


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